Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I cannot find my Board Exam Result

If you are unable to find the result you are looking for, it can be due to many reason. As our result compilation data depends on the data received, it’s likely that we have not received the board’s data as every board has different policy when it comes to result distribution. If we do have the data and result is declared, we usually mention it on the website while it’s under process. So far we are only focusing on Punjab Boards & Federal Board Only. Also note that we will not be catering supplementary exam result.

Q. When will previous Result be available

Unfortunately it might not possible to process older data because the cost is too high. However if there is a huge demand for a particular result, we can try to make it available on a minimum number request and subject to data availability.

Q. I need help with Search

You can refer to the guide that will tell you how to search for board result on our website.

Q. I am Receiving some error during the Search.

If you are receiving “DataTables Ajax Error”, it is probably due to server overload. Check back after a a few hours and it should be resolved. In case it’s persistent please contact us at [email protected]

Q. Are the Results on this website accurate ?

We can assure 90-99% accuracy unless specified. Often parts of the name can be missing or spelling mistakes which happens either during the processing hence unavoidable, or typo error by the board itself. In case it is a major error please contact as at [email protected] Please note that we don’t take any responsibility for correctness of data as this is not an official publication. Refer to the official gazette for the official publication in our gazette library.

Q. What Does “Student Rank” Mean?

For detailed explanation refer to our description here. Alternatively you can search wikipedia or google to understand what ranking means.

Q. How can I contact if i have further question?

You may email us at myResult[email protected] or message us on our Facebook Page

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